What we can do for you

In addition to SMACH internal projects, we assist companies in their digital endeavors.

Digital has brought change to established companies on an unprecedented scale and while some perceive it as a threat, we believe it to be the biggest opportunity for the years to come. Organized as a lean Startup, we are able to move fast in this world constantly evolving. We are not only helping you to build new innovative products, but we are building entire business lines for you.

True to our entrepreneurial values, we like to take risks and partner with our clients to turn our projects into successful businesses. Of course, we are also here for you, when it comes to integrate a Startup back into your business and to transfer and spread the knowledge across your organization.

How we work


Find the problem and define a solution
Start to analyze the market and estimate the potential
Define a team with SMACH’s entrepreneurs and your experts

Create a MVP
Test and refine with market feedback and insights from our clients
Make a business plan



Execute hand-in-hand

Analyze exit options (spin off, integrate, …)

Support during exit path and continuous knowledge transfer

Why work with us ?

They trust us

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