SMACH is a Digital Business Studio. Together with entrepreneurs, investors, corporations & experts we create tomorrow’s innovation and build digital businesses.

What we Do

We are experienced entrepreneurs and tech savvy people, we believe that our knowledge, support and tools can help Startups to grow faster and to achieve better outcomes.

We believe that innovation of the future will happen in ecosystems of startups, entrepreneurs, investors, corporations and we plan on being at the center stage.

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What we Believe In


We are loyal to our partners, the people we work with & the projects we chose to endorse. Only in an environment of mutual trust can people and projects thrive, we are true to our word and like to engage for the long run.

We believe in exploring unusual ideas. Because even though new does not always mean innovative, innovation starts with following paths no one pursued before



We know only hard work leads to success. But we also know that productive work, worthwhile projects & meaningful messages feed on the atmosphere they carry & are carried in

What we are part of

Or as we like to say, the more the merrier.
We are an active member of the community
around innovation, entrepreneurship and technology.